Before making any decisions about working with a ghostwriter, it's
important that you are happy with their skills, flexibility and

If you decide to use my services, you may send as much or as little
information as necessary for me to create the project you want.
This can be a simple sentence or an entire outline. You are
welcome to include deadlines, preferred word count and the slant
you would like the work to take.

After receiving your instructions, I will work through three stages:

  • intensive and thorough research on your topic

  • creating an outline that highlights the important aspects of
 your subject (at this stage, you may request to read the
 outline and make suggested changes before I continue)

  • writing the article, essay or book, keeping strictly within the
    guidelines of the outline.

Frequent communication and consultation will be necessary to
create the work you envision.

The final project will be rendered in either Microsoft Word for
Windows or a Rich Text File (RTF) and, if you require, as a PDF
which can be downloaded from your website. You will receive all
source files in Word or RTF so you can change them as you
wish. I will keep a copy of the final project on file for my own
records and take no responsibility for any changes made after
the project has been completed.

Rest assured that confidentiality is a given but, if preferred, a
Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement is available on

As each project is as individual as the client, please contact me to
discuss rates and conditions via the
Contact page.
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